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Catch The Wave

Lots of catching up to do. Been a helluva week… ITEM #1–…Got a soft machine. I cannot stand the Dallas Cowboys. There. I said it out loud. Since I was a little kid, I always thought that Dallas got an … Continue reading

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To all the men & women who have ever served in our country’s armed forces, thank you for safeguarding all the freedoms we enjoy. (PS — The day off doesn’t suck, either.)

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Waiting for the alarm.

In 2000, the football Giants made a great mid-season run and won themselves the NFC East and got a first round bye, improbably. They beat the Eagles handily in their initial playoff game, then welcomed Minnesota into Giants Stadium for … Continue reading

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A Voice Is Actually Heard (An Appreciation Of Howard Megdal)

Has anyone else noticed the surfeit of e-mails from the Mets lately? I don’t mean the usual end-of-the-season mea culpas from Fred/Jeff/Saul/Dave Howard [translation]– “Dear Met Fan, I know we weren’t as successful as we’d hoped to be this year … Continue reading

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Would Ws Lead to Ws?

Hmmmm… I was scanning a list of potential free agents yesterday, bemoaning the probability that not a single one will end up in Queens. However, I did see a couple of names that might catch our new GM’s fancy. Our … Continue reading

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I’d Like To Think…

The World Series is over and the San Francisco Giants have brought a championship to their half of the Bay for the first time ever. Congratulations! Sincere and heartfelt. The Giants are the dark horse I had my money on … Continue reading

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Jesse Owens Part II

Hey, gang. A quick note to say we’re moving my mother-in-law to rehab for hip #2 today, so I’ll be inccomunicado. Ciao!

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