Catch The Wave

Lots of catching up to do. Been a helluva week…

ITEM #1–…Got a soft machine.

I cannot stand the Dallas Cowboys.


I said it out loud.

Since I was a little kid, I always thought that Dallas got an unfair advantage in the games I saw — which was every Sunday, basically, since the Giants & Jets were both crap back then. If they were losing by a touchdown or less late in a game, you could be sure that Drew Pearson or Golden Richards would be the beneficiary of a phantom pass interference call. I was sure that GM Tex Schramm and coach Tom Landry had every ref in their respective pockets. Every break, every call, every fumble seemed to go their way. And Landry would stand there in that stupid fedora, looking like Washington on Mt. Rushmore. Not a smile, not a frown. A hole in the Stadium’s roof? “Why, that’s so God can watch his favorite team.”


As a Giant fan, I don’t care if the NYG goes 2-14 as long as those 2 wins are over Dallas.

So this past Sunday’s game pained to no end. 33-20 — and it wasn’t even that close. The alarm went off a wee bit prematurely.

And to top it all off, Michael (“Dog-Eat-Dog”) Vick had a performance for the ages and the Philadelphia Thugs…errr…Eagles have climbed into a tie with the Giants atop the NFC East. And guess who the NYGs play on Sunday night? Grrrrrr…


So driving to work on Tuesday morning in my Heaven Blue Metallic 2009 Volkswagen New Beetle, I ran out of gas in the middle lane on Route 46, just before the George Washington Bridge. Whattafool…

Item #3 — 4-Way Street

The Mets’ managerial search got pared from 10 mostly uninspiring choices to 4 mostly uninspiring choices:  Bob Melvin, Chip Hale, Wally Backman and Terry Collins.  Backman is the popular choice, but only because the other 3 could use some Mrs. Dash to overcome the blandness.  Presser on Tuesday at the Citi to introduce the new Alder-Man.

The Met fan community has gotten a little testy waiting for the man to be named.  I can’t tell if this is natural apprehension on our part — our skin is extra crispy, we’ve been burned so often — or what, but I’ve heard even  the most level-headed among us take issue with Sandy Alderson’s choices and/or timetable.

I just wish the most non-level-headed among us weren’t so damn loud.

Also, belated condolences go out the Mets’ new GM on the loss of his father.  Been there, know what it feels like…

ITEM #4 — Playing to the tide…

Felix Hernandez won the AL Cy Young award. This has been hailed far and wide as a triumph for the sabermetric community. Rightly so. I think this finally put the skewer into the notion that wins — as an indicator of a pitcher’s ability — mean a single damn thing.  The cro-magnons among the MSM are having apoplexy and that rumbling sound you hear is Dick Young rolling over in his grave.  A new tide is rising; I’m happy to be a part of it.

Crazy couple of weeks coming up.  I’ll check in sporadically.


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