A Voice Is Actually Heard (An Appreciation Of Howard Megdal)

Has anyone else noticed the surfeit of e-mails from the Mets lately?

I don’t mean the usual end-of-the-season mea culpas from Fred/Jeff/Saul/Dave Howard [translation]– “Dear Met Fan, I know we weren’t as successful as we’d hoped to be this year [We can’t deny we stunk: 79 wins is 79 wins]. This is unacceptable [but we won’t do anything about it]. We are hard at work to make sure this doesn’t happen again [We’re reading the News and the Post everyday to see who the writers think we should sign in the off-season]. We hope the —- [fill in the blank] season brings us the pennant you fans deserve [Please renew your tickets for the —- season]. With the talent we have in place, if everyone remains healthy, we’ll be playing in October [Prettyplease renew your tickets for the —- season].”

Not this time.

Instead we got update after update on the search for a new GM — one a week at first, then every day as the landing of Alderson got closer. We’ve also had a missive pretty much on a daily basis since Sandy got here. We’re in the loop!

This was one key component of the plan Howard Megdal laid out as part of his campaign for that very same GM position. Though many poopoohed the idea of a talented writer running for a position for which you cannot run, I thought his “campaign” was just the right megaphone for the rest of us fans. This was the vehicle akin to the football Giants-fans 1979 airplane. This was our “WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!” Howard shouted what we were all thinking. What he wanted was what we wanted: Logic, Transparency and Passion.

Point 1 was handled by the Alderson hiring, and the subsequent hires he’s made.
Point 2 is allll those e-mails.
Point 3 still to be seen, but I’m confident we’ll see it.

Bravo, Howard. And thanks!


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Just yer average Mets/Giants/Knicks/Rangers fan with a big mouth.
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