High School Latin

I went to Bergen Catholic, an all-boys (GAAAH!) high school in New Jersey. Freshman year, I took Latin as kind of a goof — plus it was 1 of 2 electives, the other being Unified Chemistry & Physics. Given a choice between science and language, which do you think I would choose?

Anyway, I’m reminded of my frosh/soph courses because just about every account of Sandy Alderson’s hiring contains the word “gravitas.”

Interesting word, that. It conveys a certain quality, but I’m sure I’m not alone in my confusion as to what that quality actually, y’know, is. Does it mean that the man is morose? Is he serious at all times? Is he Digger O’Dell? Is he Sidney Greenstreet?

It seems an elusive thing, but the MSM wonks all seem to agree that Sandy Alderson’s got it. I think they’re using it like “clout,” or “juice.”

Aaaaah! Another tricky word.

Leave us not forget, faithful readers, that Sandy was the man who presided over the Athletics of the ’80s. The A’s of Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco — The Bash Brothers then, the poster-boys for the scourge of steroids now. There’s going to be a large hue & cry over the fact that Alderson was, in fact, in charge of the team that defined the steroid era. It’s already started, and Sandy hasn’t even been officially named yet.

Perhaps some of the wonks are seeking that gravitas themselves.

You have to wonder…


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