The Won Weekend

“Well, it was no day at the beach.”

Except that it was.

Sarah & I spent all day Saturday with her mom at the rehab, testing out her new hip, repeatedly. We watched her walk the equivalent of a good block or so. Her recovery from the hip replacement suregery seems extremely quick to me. I think that has much to do with Marilynn’s fighting spirit and a real desire to get the hell out of there. She’s scheduled to come home on Thursday. Fingers crossed…

Turns out, that was a pretty long day for all of us. So my brother-in-law and his wife took the Sunday shift, while Sarah & I had a day to ourselves. On a gorgeous, hot Sunday, we were, no doubt hitting the beach.

Long Beach, NY. My own little haven. Paradise by the “C.” My dad grew up there and I still have scads of relatives on the barrier. Our destination was my cousin Jimmy’s house: right on Reynolds Channel (“the Bay”) and mere blocks from the beach. Oh, yeah…

So we drove down, taking our usual route through the Holland Tunnel and Manhattan to the Queens Midtown Tunnel. I went uptown on Hudson Street/8th Avenue without hitting a single red light. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time that’s ever happened to me, so I knew it was gonna be a good day. The sun was beating down, there was a decent breeze off the ocean, we stopped at Waldbaum’s for a desert and we made it to Jimmy’s by quarter to 10 and were lying on the beach by noon. Dunked a couple of times in some fairly rough, but bathtub-like water and didn’t move until 5. Heard that the Mets had won, taking the series from Houston. Well, that’s nice, even if it means nothing. The watermelon was sweet, the conversation lively and the company fantastic.

One of the top 10 days of the year, for my money…


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