My Man Pelfrey

OK, it was the Astros. OK, they still didn’t hit. OK, so maybe Bobby Parnell isn’t the 9th inning guy yet. That was still one of the most satisfying wins of this mystifying year. From the stellar defense — Angel Pagan’s rollin’ & tumblin’ grab should be on his personal highlight reel in perpetuity — to the Takahashi save to the juuuuuust enough offense, this one was a keeper.

But above it all, literally and figuratively was Mike Pelfrey. This was the performance we’d been waiting for since mid-June. As seen by me in between the backs of heads and on a teeny-tiny screen at my local watering hole — The Store, Basking Ridge — Big Pelf Houdinied his way out of some early jams. Now, last year, the words “Mike Pelfrey” and “batshit crazy” were synonymous. Not so last night. He fought his way out time & again, and with help from the D was able to last into the 8th. Kudos!

At The Store, the usual Friday night’s entertainment was in a mellow tone. My friend Michael Andrew was performing with keyboardist Billy Butler. They kept mostly to a softish rock repertoire. ‘Tis not ever thus. Michael & Co. (Sometimes I’m the Co.) have been known to rockitout but good. The energy last night was decidedly low. Kinda like CitiField…


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