Aaaaand we’re back….

Well, I certainly hope the last two nights have disabused everybody in the Mets’ front office — from Freddy & Jeffy Wilpon all the way to the janitorial staff — of any notion that this team is currently playing for anything more than out the string. Omar “Dead Man Walking” Minaya can spout all the blather he wants about the team still being in the Wild Card chase, but the savvy fan has known that this team has been on a hamster wheel since the end of June. Jerry “Deader Man Walking” Manuel can bleat about putting the best team on the field — player development be damned — in a transparent attempt to stockpile a few extra wins and smoke-and-mirror his way to keeping his job, but the atmosphere in Flushing has turned toxic. And I ain’t talkin’ about the Iron Triangle, either.

And Jose Reyes is hurt again. Is it me, or have their been more oblique strains this year than ever? I don’t know if it’s this year’s “trendy” injury, as the rotator cuff was for pitchers in the late-70’s, or what, but every time I turn around, somebody’s down with an “oblique strain.” Anyway, Jose being out effectively pees on any flicker of hope I might have had for a true miracle run in September. Reyes has been one of the few bright spots on this hellish ride — R.A. Dickey, Angel Pagan, David Wright and Ike Davis being the others — and now there’s nothing but grey days and an early winter.

There is a pennant race — and a damn good one, at that — going on across town. Isn’t there always? We once again get to play Salieri to the Bronxian Mozart. The contrast is stark and deafening and will play out across tabloid headlines until February: Yankees good, Mets crazystupidbad. I’m girding my loins…


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