The Best Laid Plans


Here I was, all set to write another “Woe Is Mets” piece and they go and win one on me.

I had it all mapped out, y’know? How I went and visited my mother-in-law at the rehab in the early evening. How my wife and I went for a terrific Mexican dinner afterward at a place called “Yo & Papa!”, missing the first couple of innings. How I took a run to Stop & Shop for some things we needed, flipped on the radio and heard of a 2-2 tie. How I finished my shopping and heard of a 4-2 lead. How I waited a bit before checking the ol’ Blackberry and saw a 5-4 deficit. How that got me all upset.

I was going to headline the piece “The Definition of Insanity” and beat myself up all about counting on a win and then being disappointed. How could I count on a W under any circumstances in this ugly year? I mean, seriously: if urban blight were a baseball season, it would be NYM 2010. How could I expect any different than what I’ve seen all year? Especially against Florida?? Who they haven’t been able to solve at all? And how when they scored their 2 runs for the lead, they left the bases loaded — granted the pitcher made the final out, but still… They’re hitting .203 in that situation, ahead of only Colorado in the NL. And how could a crippled Carlos Beltran be expected to deliver the tying run in the 8th? And Luis Castillo as the walk-off hero? Slappy McContract delivering THE big hit to end it in the 9th?

Naaaah. It musta been a dream…


About charlieh1965

Just yer average Mets/Giants/Knicks/Rangers fan with a big mouth.
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