Follow the dots…

Hello, faithful reader. I’ve missed you.

Some odds and ends from an “odds and ends” kind of weekend…

…My mother-in-law is making great strides — literally and figuratively — in rehab. They started her off with some OT — showing her how to get dressed with her new hip — and had her climb 4 steps in PT. She’s also been walking the halls like Jesse Owens. It all bodes well.

…The Mets finally won a road series vs. an NL team. That the team was the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Mets couldn’t even manage a sweep with Johan the Magnificent on the mound tells you all you need to know about this blighted year.

…I noticed that I seem to post lengthy Met pieces only after a loss. That tells you something or other, but I’m not sure what.

…One of my WhatIfSports Leagues is finally getting off the ground. If you’re not familiar with this baseball SiM, you should be. It has a data-base of every MLB player since 1895. You can replay historical seasons, you can build a dream team — ie, an outfield of Ruth, Aaron & Williams, or a pitching staff of Young, Seaver, Spahn & Carlton, with Rivera closing — to take all comers or join a theme league. Really cool game. And they also have football, basketball, hockey and NASCAR SiMs. Check it out from my blogroll.

…The Eliless Giants got pasted by a superior Pittsburgh team on Saturday night, 24-17. Good GOD, I hate pre-season games.

That’s about it. I’m stealing a few minutes from work to write this, so I must scurry. My boss is on vacation, so I’m Alexander Haig for 2 weeks: I’m in charge; there’s nobody here, but I’m in charge…


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Just yer average Mets/Giants/Knicks/Rangers fan with a big mouth.
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