Graphic Non-Violence

During the post-game of last night’s insomnia cure, the following graphic was posted:


Even Genius Jerry is at his wits’ (such as they are) end, calling the offense (such as it is) “pathetic.” That’s the strongest language he can use without getting the shit bleeped out of him, I guess. This group is a combination of Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa in their pacifism. They just aren’t as cheery.

I’d compare this epoch to the mid-’70’s teams, but nowhere is a Seaver/Koosman/Matlack combo to be found. And the bats are more akin to the 1978-81 model, when “our” sluggers consisted of Willie Montanez, Richie Hebner and Ellis Valentine. I mean, when you’re completely baffled by the immortal Bud Norris…

I can’t scream anymore. I can’t continue to rail at cruel fate. The last stage of grieving is acceptance, they say, so I guess I’m there. 2010 is punted and 2011 ain’t lookin’ so hot, either.

On the bright side, tickets might be cheaper next year. Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side…


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