It’s What You Do

Sarah is my wife.

I have the most wonderful wife on Earth. She is my absolute favorite person on the planet. She cares — deeply, loudly and strongly. And when she doesn’t care, you also know it right away. For example, she doesn’t care about baseball, but more on that some other time.

Anyway, her mom has been in pain for some time now, and yesterday, she finally went in for hip-replacement surgery. I know, everyone calls it “routine,” but a knife is a knife. Anything can happen, anytime. Murphy’s Law and all that, right? So we were all a bit on edge for the past few weeks — Sarah’s got a brother, with a wife & 3 boys. “Mimi’s” going for surgery. Wow.

They wanted her at the hospital no later than 6:15 AM, which meant that with morning ablutions and picking up the in-laws, I had to get up at 4:30. My GOD, that’s early! I mean, now I know why they execute people at dawn — who the hell wants to be UP at that hour? (I can’t take credit for that one. That’s actually a line from some movie or TV show I can’t remember.) So we made our groggy way to Morristown Hospital. I dropped Sarah & her parents off at the appointed 6:15, and made my way to work. I found myself behind my desk at 7:00.

My office doesn’t open until 8:30.

Anyway, she came through fine. I went after work and she was woozy, but chipper. Sarah was calmer than she’d been in days. It was all good.

I just hate hospitals. Nothing against the people that work there or the facilities themslves, which are often-times beautiful buildings with state-of-the-art equipment. I’ve simply had too much experience there in the last 16 years. I spent 2 long weeks on my back in 1994, with a blood clot issue. A few months after that, my mother died in one after a return bout with cancer. In 2007, my dad found out he had cancer and whithered away in front of me, physically and mentally. So I’m not a fan.

But it’s my mother-in-law, y’know? I passed Son-In-Law School cum laude, so I suck it up and go. I enjoy seeing her pain-free for ther first time in 14 months, I’ll tell you that.

I actually can’t wait to get there tonight.

PS — Mets won in 14. Needless to say, I didn’t watch.


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Just yer average Mets/Giants/Knicks/Rangers fan with a big mouth.
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One Response to It’s What You Do

  1. Mike Becker says:

    Awesome, Charlie. More in the future!

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