Sucks? Stinks?

Well, right now, yeah.

Soars? Shines?

Wait ’til next year…the year after…maybe…

I really hate the joke — usually told by a fan of an out-of-town team, or a team that plays in another part of this town — that goes “Ha! M-E-T-S: My entire team sucks! Hahahahahaha!” It’s usually told as if the Clever Dick who said it made the hoary thing up on the spot.

It’s even worse when I agree with the sentiment.

This team is in a vast state of flux at the moment, and this year started circling the drain right after the All-Star break. If you’re reading this, you’re already well aware.

So what better time to start another Met blog, I ask you?

Blogging about the Mets might just be the next market inefficiency to be exploited. (See? I can Moneyballspeak same as the next guy.)

So here she is, a brand-spankin’-new successor to the late, lamented Serval Zippers Sign blog. I had fun with that thing, and missed it something awful when it disappeared. This won’t be terribly different from that — a random, rambling muse on sports, movies, music, life in general, as seen through the fish-eye lens of, well… me.

I don’t know: there might be people out there who enjoy that sort of thing.

So come on up. Should be a fun ride. Whaddayathink?


About charlieh1965

Just yer average Mets/Giants/Knicks/Rangers fan with a big mouth.
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